Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fun practical day

So today things have been a lil more interesting. Still no snow but I have high hopes for tomorrow....iv managed to convince myself that when I wake up in the morning it IS gonna be white. :/ Today we have been looking at how to look after the hot tub, driving the minivan and putting on snow chains. It was a nice more practical day...I enjoyed driving the minivan, was confusing driving on the other side of the road. I may have tried to go round a coupla roundabouts the wrong way but I got there in the end :)
We also learnt how to put on snow chains and I have to say I was pretty awesome....Iv definitely unearthed a hidden talent :/we also had the boys trying to race each other putting them on. It was fairly amusing to watch.

The guys Ill be working with in Chalet Chambertin are awesome. Today they threw together a lunch for everyone when we didnt think we had anything....tasted amazing. Freddie and Rachel are my favourite cooks out here. 

We also had an amazing dinner...I am definitely being well fed here. We had homemade creamy fish pie with veg and ice cream for pudding :D
I will eventually stop posting pictures of just food....but as theres no snow the yummy food is the only way to go.
We also tried looking a food budgets and cost per person for food and was definitely confusing and I'm hoping Freddie and Rach understood it :S

At the end of the day we headed to Bar Robinson and chilled out with a few beers (well everyone else had beer, but I was definitely in a hot chocolate mood). 

Was an awesome day topped off nicely by a big cup of hot chocolate and am nice and chilled out. All ready for a long day tomorrow moving boxes from chalet to chalet then an evening wine tasting ;) looking forward to it...

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  1. YES! Robbos hot chocolate...that's what I had every time we went there...Miss it