Wednesday, 30 November 2011

There's a lot to take in.

So here I am now in Morzine. Arrived yesterday at about 10am which was a total of 21 hours travelling since I left my house. The ride was not what you would call comfy....There were 8 people in the minibus and a hell of alot of luggage. People had to share seats and were tightly packed with luggage. But we arrived in one piece :)
After a short nap we had a nice meal kindly provided by Emma and Olly...with caaake :D

We all sat down and chilled out together, it was nice to chat to the people I will be working in not in the confines of the cramped minivan. After a few (ahem) bottles of wine everyone was getting on well and people slouched off to bed.
We are currently temporarily housed in a different chalet to the one I will be working in while we all go through training together, and sharing a room with the legend that is Glenda Bottomley :D Definately regretted having the nap when we got in as neither of us got any sleep that night and ended up watching Wallie till 6am....
Am definitely flagging now.
Olly has gone through the details of what our jobs entail today...and its a lot to take in. Makes me feel pretty nervous bout starting, but Im working with some awesome people so I have a good feeling bout it all :)
Snow is Due to fall this Friday...have got my fingers crossed.