Saturday, 26 November 2011

Organised chaos..

So it may have only hit me recently how soon I go, and how much I have left to organise...

So in a frenzied, item throwing state I've spent the last coupla days attempting to write lists and pack up my stuff, those who know me well know this is normal for me. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be to pack for six months...not quite the same as packing for a week long hol in the snow. Have bought a few last minute things such as a camera charger (fairly neccessary) and a new helmet (not so neccessary). Have sorted through my music, which was a huuuuge task as apparently I am ITunes illiterate, and finally everything is slowly coming together in a slightly chaotic way.

One list of many....

This is actually more organised than it looks.
 New Helmet :)

Most of my stuff is now in bags and I may have tried on all my gear (to make sure it all still fits of course) a few too many times, and soon I will be off. My blog will (hopefully) then make for a more interesting read....

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