Wednesday, 7 December 2011


...and then there was snow. Woo!! the snow started a coupla days ago, its been alternating between lovely dry sticky snow and huge flakes, and then almost rain-like flakes and wet soggy snow. All in all looks like when the lifts open we will have something half decent to board on :D Hopefully I'll be up there on long as we've got the chalet all ready for our first guest :) Cant wait to hit the slopes! 

The other night we went off to do some wine tasting so we could help chose the house wines and the upgrade wines for the guests....was more than just a little tipsy by the time we got round all the  wines, and was interesting trying to come up with different ways to describe wine ('um, well its bold and erm, smooth with a hint of sophistication..??). But it was a good evening and we were all fairly jolly by the end of it so a night out was bound to follow ;). 

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  1. Looks like you're in your chalet now from the pics, nice isn't it? Make sure to try the hob tub too it's great :)